7 DC Superheroes Who Can Fight God

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DC Superheroes

DC universe is known to have superheroes with abilities that are beyond imaginable. The mythical system of DC contains a lot of godly beings, both on the sides of superheroes and supervillains. Having the godly supervillains in the universe, the writers need to introduce superheroes who can beat these gods. So here are ten superheroes who can actually be worthy of fighting gods.

Plastic Man

While Plastic Man is known for his fun and careless attitude, he actually has an array of abilities that makes him suitable for god fights. He can exist in a solid and liquid state without a problem. While he may not be able to beat the gods, he is still good enough to give them a hard time.

The Flash

Do you think the flash can actually do it? Along with his speed that can manipulate time and dimensions, his attacks also become powerful at such velocities. Flash can really be a worthy opponent to the gods if he can use his skills and brain correctly.

Wonder woman

Wonder Woman was born like a god in Amazon to protect Amazonians from Ares. She beat Ares without needing anyone’s help. Wonder Woman has proved several times that she is as strong as Superman and might be even stronger if she is in rage. It will be good enough for hand-to-hand combat with the gods in the DC universe.



Superman is said to have only one weakness, that is Kryptonite. Once that is out of the picture, it is hard to imagine many who can actually beat him up. He gets energy directly from the sun that makes it impossible for him not to have his energy bars up at any time he wants. To add to it, Superman has already beaten a few gods in the comic books.

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is one of the survivors of the Martian race that got extinct over 200 million years ago. His superpowers are as good as Superman, making him suitable to take on a god in the DC universe. He is a popular character among comic book readers but is yet to make a mark in the movies and cartoon series.

Captain Atom

Captain Atom is the master of the quantum world. He has access to unlimited quantum energy and can survive without eating or drinking. He has a metallic coating that protects him from everything. He can manipulate matter at molecular levels with his power. So if a god is made of a matter, we can say it is pretty easy for Captain Atom to fight and win that fight.

The Spectre

The Spectre is a roaming spirit that looks for a mortal host to survive. There have been no bars so far on how strong the Spectre can get. In fact, some of his powers are redacted by higher forces to make sure he does not misuse them. He is capable of easily destroying some of the gods of DC.

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