Just the first frame of the best comics on the web. You decide if you want to read the rest.

1) Pinterest, Tumblr & Facebook

Social media sites are great places to share and discover content, web comics included. The problem is that more often than not, people share the web comic in full, so their friends get to enjoy the comic without the need to click through to the originating source. That means no ad impressions and no recognition that someone has viewed the work from the artist’s perspective. This is a form of copyright infringement, but it’s a two-edged sword. The benefit is that it’s easy to discover the work. The drawback is that the original artist doesn’t know who, how or where their work is being shared as well as the lost ad impressions on their own site. Some people also add a link to the original source, but not nearly enough understand the importance of this. The attitude is generally, “Share All the Comics!” If you have a special comic and want to put the character or logo on your wall have Apexmetalsigns.com make something custom for you.