7 Worst Comic Supervillains

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Comic Supervillains

When you read about supervillains, you want to know how your favorite superheroes have some hard time. The supervillains like Joker may not have super abilities, but they are known in all universes as the most notorious and mad villains. At the same time, there have been supervillains who have not made it to the list of worthy villains who will break the sweat of our superheroes. Here is a list of the worst villains in the history of comic books.

Ruby Thursday

Ruby Thursday has a circuit wrapped inside plastic that replaces her head. Her only mission is to turn everyone’s heads into circuit balls. While she does not get successful in doing so, none of the superheroes ever thought she could.

Spider Man

This Spider Man is different from our superhero Spiderman. Although he has almost the same abilities as Peter Parker’s alter ego, his suit gives away the seriousness. It seems like he took his role to become a tarantula person too seriously.

Turner. D. Century

Turner was adopted by a millionaire when he was a kid and now hates the way no one respects good manners anymore. So he takes up the job of teaching people a lesson about manners. He uses a flamethrower umbrella and a flying bicycle to cause his little havocs. He also has a magical horn that has the power to kill people under 65, which is quite funny.


Snowflame is quite a name for a supervillain and also pretty confusing. His superpower is “cocaine touch.” Touching this guy is enough for a person to get wired. His one and only weakness is cocaine. Who would have guessed? At this point, we really need to think about our writers who were serious about creating this character.

Armless Tiger Man

A tiger, a man, and armless! But why armless? This villain was Eric Hertz, who first worked in a factory, but he got his arms ripped off. So he learned how to use his head and feet to enhance his strength. The comic was written in 1941, so the Armless Tiger Man was also a Nazi. He gets shot in the head, dies, and then gets his butt kicked by the gods.

Blue Snowman

The greatest foe of Wonder Woman could have been the Blue Snowman if he had any better superpowers than a hat that makes snow. His super lame entry in the All-new Batman: The Brave and the Bold was the reason why we never heard about him ever again.

Blue Snowman

Rainbow Creature

Rainbow Creature has a super ability for each of its colors. Blue can make things extra cold, red can make things hot, yellow creates a mist, and green can turn things into two-dimensional. Where were the writers going with this villain? How does he die? If he uses all his powers at once. Batman took no time to figure it out, saving the South American nation from Rainbow creature and his master.

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