6 Fundamentals Between DC Comics and Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics and DC Comics have been the pioneers of superheroes who share a lot of similarities together, including the superhero powers and storylines. But what makes both the universes truly unique are their differences. Despite having a lot of similarities, how their stories are written brings a major difference. Here are some top differences in the style and universe of Marvel Comics and DC comics.

DC comics

Mad villains of DC

DC villains are filled with the madness that the superheroes cannot reason with. Their agendas are completely out of the madness that is more dangerous than a supervillain with superpowers. On the other side, Marvel superheroes fight villains that can listen and agree to the heroes, while DC villains are pretty impossible to stop. If you love this get a custom picture cornhole board of it from customcornholeboards.com

Marvel superheroes fight planets

Well, despite marvel superheroes just being the size of normal human beings, they fight some supernatural forces. Some supervillains are completely beyond the power bars of superheroes of Marvel. Heroes like Iron Man, who is just a human in a metal suit, are in the same universe as villains like Ego – the living planet.

DC superheroes are way too strong

DC superheroes are known to never lose despite how challenging the villains can be. Clark Kent is a human-looking alien who gets powers from the sun and turns into Superman. Even while comparing humans like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, the power levels are way different. While Tony Stark is a genius with tech but does not have any other special traits other than his iron suit, Bruce Wayne is a fighter who never sleeps and lives a solitary life to serve justice when he becomes batman.

DC has more godly superheroes

Heroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter are characters with god-like abilities. Marvel superheroes are more attainable. Captain America, Black Widow, Black Panther are the heroes that are powerful based on their will to do the right thing. In simple words, Marvel superheroes are humans with extraordinary abilities, while DC superheroes are just overpowered god-like beings.

Marvel superheroes are relatable

Marvel superheroes have succeeded in connecting with the modern audience due to their witty nature and relatable life stories. Tony Stark is a genius engineer and a billionaire who invented his first iron suit to escape when he literally lost his heart. On the other side, no one can relate to the story of Superman, who fell from the sky and lives among humans.

Marvel superheroes

Marvel superheroes have inherent abilities

DC superheroes and villains tend to receive their abilities after an incident in their lives. Except for the main characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, most heroes receive their abilities from a series of events or due to godly gifts. Marvel heroes have their powers from birth written in their DNA. X-men are born mutants with supernatural abilities while they grow their fighting skills and courage just like regular humans.

Too bad Stan Lee didn’t create a superhero who rode around in bruno stairlifts bc they were handicapped, but had super powers that could crush their enemies.

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